Bloo Tube
Season 6, Episode 4
Episode name pun on: YouTube
Bloo Tube
Airdate: May 8, 2008
Director: Craig McCracken
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Bloo Tube is the seventy-first episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and fourth episode of the sixth season. This episode aired on May 8, 2008 on Cartoon Network.


A sudden downpour cancels a long awaited trip to the Monsoon Lagoon water park, which deeply angers and saddens Bloo. Mac and the others make do with a variety of fun activities, infuriating Bloo further. They use Frankie's camera to shoot different videos of their own and load them on ViewTube. Bloo resorts to his own indoor water park he calls "Bloo Lagoon."


As a thunderstorm's going on outside Foster's, Frankie informs Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo that the house will have to cancel their trip to a local water park called "Monsoon Lagoon," which is closed due to the storm. Bloo, who was going to the park as well, is very persistent about going to the park despite the weather conditions. Once Mac arrives, he persuades the group to do some other indoor activities such as playing hide-and-seek, building blocks, and various board games, but Bloo's stubbornness ruins the games for them all, and his childish behavior forces everyone into attending a "pity party," about him not going to Monsoon Lagoon. The others however are too busy watching hilarious videos on ViewTube, and thus Bloo kicks them out so that he may continue wallowing in his "loss."

Motivated by the funny videos they watched, Mac and the others decide to use Frankie's video camera (without her permission) to shoot and upload their own videos to ViewTube. The likes of which include: Wilt's basketball skills, Eduardo singing about Explorin' Lauren, and Coco juggling her eggs (while laying them upside-down simultaneously). After trying out some of their own videos, the gang shoots a monster film and thus prepare to upload their video until they notice a happier Bloo watching videos of Monsoon Lagoon, but his ego now causes him to act childish into only letting him watch videos of the park. After Mac and the gang kick him off, Bloo tells Frankie that the others took and "abused" her camera. On the contrary, Frankie's delighted because Mac and the others' video-making idea would be an ideal indoor activity for the other friends of the house.

The house decides to do a contest to see who's video will get the most views on ViewTube, and the deadline to upload the videos is at 10:00-pm sharp. Everyone at Foster's starts making their own videos, and some of them have Bloo coming into the shot carrying tools and lumber. Bloo ends up stealing the spotlight with his creation: a monstrous, indoor water slide called the Undertow, made solely out of "used lumber, almost fifty nails, and lots of tape and super-glue" for the places where he ran out of nails. Bloo's ride down his slide is disastrous and is caught on camera by all the friends at Foster's.

The next day, Mac and everyone at Foster's prepare to go to Monsoon Lagoon now that the weather has cleared up. Bloo however is stuck at home, in a full body-cast because of his injuries and is very upset. Not only because of the physical pain he's in, but also for being humiliated that his disastrous video, called "the Bloo Buffoon," is now a hit on ViewTube with over twenty million likes. Bloo starts weeping hysterically and has a "pity party" on his own when Mac and the rest of the house leave for Monsoon Lagoon.


  • ViewTube's an obvious parody of the popular video site, YouTube.
  • This episode features a few Youtube References:
    • 1.) During the gang's monster film, Eduardo makes a look that parodies the Dramatic Chipmunk.
    • 2.) In one of the scenes. There was a cat wearing a red shirt playing on the piano parodying the Keyboard Cat.
  • This episode reveals some canon in the series:
    • 1.) Bloo mentions when he and Mac jumped in mud puddles in the episode, "Bloooo." It was revealed that Mac had to spend the whole summer in bed after catching pneumonia, by that time.
    • 2.) Mr. Herriman's "Funny Bunny" video from World Wide Wabbit is mentioned and shown by Mac while searching ViewTube videos
    • 3.) Eduardo's parody of Explorin' Lauren is a Dora the Explorer-esque TV show he was seen watching in "One False Movie."
  • Mac and the gang's monster film is a parody of several giant monster films such as Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Cloverfield
  • During the contest, the band "Pizza Party" (Yogi Boo Boo, Bloppy Pants, Billy the Squid and Fluffer Nutter) from the episode Schlock Star is seen. Their video is a reference to the music video for OK Go's "Here it goes again"
  • Mr. Herriman make a non-speaking cameo appearence in this episode.
  • Bloo's "pity party" could be best described as a funeral with a "birthday party" theme (black party hats and black balloons).
  • The music that plays when Bloo has a "pity party" is later heard when he throws his paddleballs in the fireplace in Bad Dare Day.
  • If ViewTube is the Foster's version of YouTube, assuming it started in mid-2005 like the real YouTube, then Mr. Herriman's "Funny Bunny" is actually a re upload from an older video hosting site (likely the Foster's version of New-grounds or AlbinoBlackSheep). Or possibly ViewTube is actually a combination of Vimeo and YouTube (Vimeo began in 2004).
  • Darbie from "Dexter's Laboratory" appears in the middle of this episode.
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