Brain Sucking-Aliens From The Moon is a movie Bloo watches in the theater in Cheese A Go-Go. We don't see most of the movie, but there was quite more of action in the audience than the movie itself. Because of the movie, Bloo believes Cheese is an alien.

Only Clip Shown

We only see one scene in the movie: there are three men using pistols to fight brain-sucking aliens when one of them is devouring a woman's brain. But unfortunately for the brave men, the aliens get away. The main character yells You won't get away! You hear me!!!? at the U.F.O.s, then the men have found the woman to have had her brain sucked out.


We do see the poster though. It has the human characters being terrorized by the alien U.F.O.s with a spooky outline WordArt of the title.

Poster of the movie