Cheesequest is a music video based on Cheese. It was played on Cartoon Network and is included in the Season 2 DVD set. It was later made into a game.

The Video

The video version of Cheesequest features Cheese playing a game in his head. It begins with Cheese saying he likes games and sticking a video game cartridge into his mouth. He then goes into his imagination, avoiding obstacles, completing a monkey dance lesson, getting a horsey, fighting a boss (cake), getting a "Water Horsey (a shark that Cheese rides)", and avoiding falling cereal. After he avoids the cereal, he says "I like- CEREAL!" and he takes the video game out of his mouth. He then says "'nother game." and sticks the game back into his mouth.

The Game

Cheesequest was made into the game Cheesequest 3D: The Brother Lady Saga. It features many of the things from the video, including the horsey and water horsey.


Chocolate Milk: Gives you points

Apple Juice: Increases Energy.

Lipstick: Makes you invincible (except to falling) and turns you into the "brother lady."

Horsey: Gives you a pink horse. Acquired by passing the Monkey Dancing Lesson.

Water Horsey (shark): Gives you a shark. Acquired by beating the boss.


Potatoes: Rolling potatoes.

Bouncing Balls: Happy face balls that bounce.

Rolling Balls: Happy face balls that roll.

Bloo: Not exactly an enemy, but can be kissed as the brother lady for points.

Light Orange Alien: An alien that stays in place.

Green Alien: An alien that goes in circles.

Pink/Red Alien: An alien that shoots lasers.

Orange/Light Red Alien: An alien that goes vertically.

Blue Alien: An alien that goes horizontally.

Purple Alien: An alien that charges at you.

Silver Alien: An alien that goes horizontally once and then charges at you horizontally.

Torpedo: A torpedo that can be eaten by the Water Horsey.

Big Torpedo: A larger torpedo that cannot be eaten by the Water Horsey.

Boss (Cake): Like the Pink/Red Alien, but takes more hits, is faster, and shoots stronger lasers. Hard to beat.

Cereal: An avalanche of cereal.


Outside Stage: An area with potatoes, rolling balls, bouncing balls, a barbarian, and Bloo. You can see mountains in the background.

Space Stage: An area with aliens and the cake. You can see stars and asteroids in the background.

Boss Stage: Same as space stage, but with a boss.

Bonus Stage: An underwater stage. Has torpedoes.

Hidden Bonus Stage: A cereal bowl. Has falling cereal.