Alias: Icky Von Yuck Yuck, Blickey McBarf, Grossie Grossenstein, Ol' Ug-Mug, Her Royal Majesty, Your Horrible Hideousness, Queeny, Princess, The Dragon Lady, Dearie
Gender: Female
Age: N/A
Species: Imaginary Friend
Eye color:      
First appearance: "House of Bloo's"
Episode count: 18
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

Her Royal Duchess Diamond Persnickety, the First, Last and Only or simply Duchess (referred to by her full name in the pilot movie) is an imaginary friend and the main antagonist of the series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. She speaks with a German accent and is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


This imaginary friend is a scheming, snobby, pompous, stuck-up, vain, conceited, negative, extremely rude, short-tempered, arrogant, selfish, self-centered, and mean Picasso-like pain in the neck who is actually two-dimensional when she turns her head or body (except in "House of Bloos"). She's considered a "high-maintenance" friend, not wanting to do anything for herself, and is so lazy that she needs somebody to open her eyelids when she wakes up. The residents seem to follow her commands because she is both able and willing to scream incredibly loudly for an indefinite period of time without rest unless she gets what she wants, as was seen when she lived next door to Mac and was able to yell non stop from him going to bed to his waking up, revealing a rather spoiled and annoying side to her personality. She can also control Extremosaurs as seen in "House of Bloo's". In a few episodes, she has helped someone, but only so that she could help herself, thus for selfish reasons. For example in "Affair Weather Friends", she told Mac about Bloo hanging out with "Barry Bling" (aka Berry in Disguise) behind his back.

In the pilot, she and Terrence conspire to get rid of Bloo after the millionaire's spoiled daughter wants to adopt him (and, in the process, rename him "Tiffany") instead of Duchess, who was chosen by her mother and father. As punishment for trying to get rid of Bloo, she was not kicked out of the house (or sent to prison at that matter), but rather was forced to stay as she desires to leave.

Despite her desire to leave, Duchess insults almost everyone who tries to adopt her except for the rich family in the pilot showing that while she badly wants to leave she doesn't want to live in any less pampered lifestyle she would be forced to give up if she went home with a normal family (in other words, she wants to be adopted by a rich family). Everyone else desires her to leave very badly however, so much so that Mr. Herriman spends the entire budget for advertising adoption on her, even saying that he will pay a family to take her.


Duchess has yellow skin, she wears a white Indian hat, with a ruby in it, has a long neck, a beauty mark and an "elephant" nose. She wears light blue and purple eye shadow, pink blush, red lipstick, green and black striped earrings, a blue and red pearl necklace and bracelet, a white dress with black triangles on it, two black bracelets, red nail polish, black and green striped leggings, and black high heels. Her appearance is based off of Picasso's good work.


  • Duchess only appears in eighteen episodes, almost half of which are non-speaking cameos.
  • There is a running gag where she believes she is the most beautiful in the world, only for everyone else to consider her extremely ugly.
  • Her face resembles a portrait by Picasso.
  • Her skin appears to be a more pale shade of yellow as seen in Affair Weather Friends.
  • She is next to Coco and Eduardo in the picture.
  • She can control Extremosaurs.
  • A few episodes where Duchess actually helped someone include House of Bloo's, The Big Picture, & Affair Weather Friends. But it was ultimately for selfish reasons. To be fair Bloo was no better in the latter.
  • She appears at least once in every season.
  • Duchess is able to smell money with her nose.
  • Duchess's golden trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game are:
    • Is disliked by everyone at Foster's. (even Wilt, but he's sorry)
    • Demands that Madame Foster make her a new dress every day.
    • Doesn't like anyone at Foster's.
    • Loves being waited on hand and foot.
  • Despite what her golden trading card says, Duchess bears no animosity towards Uncle Pockets, considering him "tolerable."
  • It is possible that Duchess has a very good sense of smell.

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