Nightmare on Wilson Way
Season 5, Episode 10
Episode name pun on: A Nightmare on Elm Street.
series of slasher movies
Nightmare-title edited
Airdate: October 12, 2007 (3D)
October 20, 2007 (2D)
Director: Craig McCracken
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"Ticket to Rod"
"Better Off Ed"

Nightmare on Wilson Way is the 62nd episode and serves as the Halloween special themed episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The episode premiered in 3-D on October 12, 2007 at 7:30 PM EDT/PDT and had its' first 2-D airing October 20 of that same year at 5:30 PM EDT/PDT.


Mac is tied to Bloo's bed by Bloo because of his problems with sugar rushes, and Bloo says that he will pull the ultimate Halloween prank: a can of peanut brittle with a snake inside, which was done year after year (although this prank seems childish, it has been proven that it can do a lot of damage). Meanwhile, the imaginary friends, led by house caretaker Frankie, dressed as Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls, are ready to go trick or treating, except for Coco (dressed as a chicken) and Wilt, who will be handing out treats for the kids, including a breakaway arm as a trick to scare some of them; Eduardo, who's scared of everything and Mr. Herriman, who is in charge of the house. After failing and trying with just about everyone, Mr. H. falls prey for the trick that Bloo had done, and drops dead, due to a heart attack. Bloo has to think quickly on what to do, and decides to bury the seven-foot tall rabbit in the back. Suddenly, he becomes a zombie after that.

Meanwhile, Madame Foster returns through the back entry to get her witch wig, and she falls under Mr. Herriman's spell, scaring every one. Then, one by one, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo and Frankie - as well as the other imaginary friends - become the undead. Bloo, Eduardo, and Coco rush upstairs and Coco falls and the undead make her a zombie. Bloo and Eduardo are the only ones left but Madame Foster fools Eduardo turning him into a zombie. Bloo rushes to the bedroom where Mac is tied up. Mac and Bloo get scared and Bloo flies out the window and returns with two trick or theaters. Bloo then tells them about the zombies and they get scared. Bloo piles candy into his hands and feeds it to Mac, bursting out of the room and through the door. Bloo feeds chocolate to Mac making him have a sugar rush. Mac attacks the zombies until he is blasting himself out the door, and then just as Blooregard is about to become one of the living dead, Mr. Herriman says that it was all a trick to get their paybacks on Bloo's prank. Bloo says he thought he was in real trouble and Frankie tells Bloo that he is, because he unleashed a monster worse than a zombie: a nearly-naked just wearing underwear only Mac on a sugar rush.

In the closing credits, we see the almost naked Mac waking up the morning after and seeing a hand, and Wilt recovers it, leading to Mac fainting.


This episode has been criticized by some fans. Mainly because of the ending where Bloo is blamed by the Housemates. The main reason this episode is hated is because of how hypocritical everyone is to Bloo as well as finding their treatment of him to be mean-spirited and because of the ending and its horrible implications. What makes it worse for some is that Bloo is back to his old personality from the pilot episode, where he was just a mild mischief-maker. In this episode Bloo goes around the house just mildly pranking people with a "Snake in a can" which is just a basic level of pranking. He's not really doing anything aside from mildly annoying everyone, and it does state he does it every year, so everyone really just sees him as predictable. Aside from that when Bloo tries his prank on Mr Herriman what happens Herriman comes back as a supposed "Zombie" and the entire house gets taken out one by one Which Indulges a chase sequence of the entire house who have formed a zombie apocalypse at this point chasing down Bloo as he runs in fear. Keep in mind Bloo has does nothing wrong this entire episode aside from just mildly annoying everyone, which they themselves specifically state. In fact Bloo goes through the whole episode actually being a good friend to everyone, even Mac. In fact rather than running away out of the house, he decides to go back in to save Mac from being attacked by everyone So then Bloo turns Mac into his Sugar Crazed Demon self out of Self Defense It basically ends with Mr Herriman telling Bloo that it was all a trick as the entire household scolds Bloo for giving Mac sugar. Fans found this ending to be very mean-spirited and hypocritical on the Housemates part. As according to every single character in this episode with the only exception being Mac, were just mildly annoyed at Bloo's prank, so their solution was to Unleash a Fake Zombie Army to emotionally torment him as he thinks he's actually under attack, then basically berate him when he uses the only solution he could for self-defense. According to this episode if someone is just doing something mildly annoying, you psychologically torment them, then berate them when they try to defend themselves. And their only excuse to defend their actions is They were playing a Joke yet that just makes scolding Bloo even worse! This is cited as a terrible case of Disproportionate Retribution.



  • The title is a reference to the franchise of slasher movies titled A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • The first three trick-or-treaters are dressed as The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.
  • In flashbacks to a previous Halloween, Frankie is wearing a Tank Girl costume, Madame Foster is wearing a Yoda costume, Wilt is a werewolf which was previously seen in One False Movie and Cheese A Go-Go and Bloo is dressed as the Powerpuff Girls antagonist, Mojo Jojo.
  • Several of the imaginary friends are dressed as members of the Village People (biker, cowboy, pirate, police officer, and American Indian chief). Upon seeing them, Madame Foster sings "Why, aren't you cute?" to the tune of Y.M.C.A.
  • Mabel Licorice is dressed as Batman, Snootz is The Cheshire Cat, and Pinecone Cola is seen wearing a Huckleberry Hound costume.
  • Frankie is dressed as Blossom from the other Craig McCraken Cartoon Network creation The Powerpuff Girls. In one scene, One-Eye Cy walks over to her and asks "Frankie, have you seen my bow?" When seeing her wearing Blossom's bow, One-Eye Cy (Bloppy Pants In Captions) angrily walks away, muttering "I knew I should have picked Bubbles." In a later scene, he is seen zombified, but dressed as Bubbles.
  • This episode has received criticism from fans because of the ending. Many fans felt that the Housemates were hypocrites in regards to their treatment of Bloo and felt him pulling harmless pranks wasn't enough to be scolded in comparison to what they did. And he only summoned a Sugar crazed Mac out of self defense.
  • Rodney Squiddlebeak can be seen dressed as a Colonial Warrior/Viper Pilot from the 1978 show, Battlestar Galactica.
  • Chief Hoseynose is dressed up as Mr. Peanut without the monocle and top hat, and Fluffer Nutter as The Wicked Queen from Snow White.
  • Jackie Khones wears a costume inspired by the outrageous fashion of pimps in blaxploitation films like The Mack (1974) or Willie Dynamite (1974). Jackie obviously has a soft spot for blaxploitation as seen in Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook, where he is seen in a scene referencing the iconic theme song from Shaft (1971).
  • In one part of the episode, Bloo is dragging Mr. Herriman around the house (and trying to speak like him) to make him appear "alive" to the others. He begins spouting off a rant of "British" things, among them he says, "Bob's your uncle", which is probably a reference to the Happy Mondays song of the same name, but is British slang for "there you have it."
  • Mac doesn't wear his backpack in this episode.
  • When Mac attacks Eduardo in the end and uses him to break the door, he throws Eduardo out of the house before running. Yet in the scene shortly afterwards where everyone is inside, battered, Eduardo is sitting inside among the others. He's not seen going inside.
  • Mr. Herriman's gloves are seen ruined during the "Zombie Apocalypse", and at the end, his gloves suddenly looks like new again. It could be that Mr. Herriman changed them, but in one shot, they're seen from going from being ruined to being good as new. Then again, it could be an error the creators made.


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